A queer exploration of all things gender

No proper post for you today my lovelies, sorry about that. I was planning on it, but then fate threw me onto the lovely Cam FM local radio station with 7 hours notice today. I was invited to sit as a guest speaker on a talk show discussing mental health. Whilst I’ve not written about it specifically (yet, at least), mental health is a personal interest, is incredibly important, often overlooked, and certainly connects strongly to many issues of sexuality and gender.

If you’d like to listen to me talking along with another guest (a professional councillor from the University Counselling Service here in Cambridge) about student mental health issues, the link should appear on 2nd March, and remain up for about 6 weeks, which I make the 12th April.

The link to the page where the show can be found is here.

On the right hand side of the page, look for the ‘listen again‘ box. this show will be the 01/03/2012 link. (you can also still hear me speak about gender issues from the 08/02/2012 show).


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