A queer exploration of all things gender

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  • Don’t post any personal details you’re not happy for the entire internet to be able to read. Don’t compromise your, on anyone else’s safety with what you post.
  • No abuse/personal attacks etc. Posts of this nature will be deleted.
  • No spam.

To everyone who decides to comment on a post – thank you! If you have a direct question about anything I’ve written, or feel that there’s an angle you could add to stimulate discussion, what you have to say is totally welcome. Short or long, scholarly or clueless, all sincere engagement is encouraged.

Please be respectful of others when posting, particularly if the topic is an issue that doesn’t directly affect you. Privilege is an important thing to recognise, and we all have it in some ways or other. At the same time, don’t be scared of looking for information on areas you’re not familiar with.

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