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Here is a list of everything I’ve written. Publications are grouped by type, in reverse chronological order. Hyperlinks will take you to a full copy you can read, wherever possible, or in the cases of books, places you can purchase. Please note all Amazon links are for the UK site as this is where I am based, you may need to adjust this if you are based elsewhere!


  • Vincent, B., Erikainen, S., and Pearce, R. (eds.) (2020). TERF Wars: A Social Analysis of Trans Exclusionary Politics. London: Sage. (publisher)
  • Vincent, B. (2020). Non-Binary Genders: Navigating Communities, Identities, and Healthcare. Bristol: Policy Press. (publisher) (Amazon)
  • Twist, J., Vincent, B., Barker, M-J., Gupta, K. (2020). Non-Binary Lives: An Anthology of Intersecting Identities. London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers. (publisher) (Amazon)
  • Vincent, B. (2018). Transgender Health: A Practitioner’s Guide to Binary and Non-Binary Trans Patient Care. London: Jessica Kingsley Publications. (publisher) (Amazon)

Journal Articles

  • Erikainen, S., Vincent, B., & Hopkins, A. (2020). Specific detriment: barriers and opportunities for non-binary inclusive sports in Scotland. Journal of Sport & Social Issues. (full article)
  • Pearce, R., Erikainen, S., & Vincent, B. (2020). TERF wars: An introduction. The Sociological Review, 68(4), 677-698. (full article)
  • Pearce, R., Erikainen, S., & Vincent, B. (2020). Afterword: TERF wars in the time of COVID-19. The Sociological Review, 68(4), 882-888. (full article)

  • Vincent, B., Erikainen, S. (2020). Gender, love, and sex: Using duoethnography to research gender and sexuality minority experiences of transgender relationships. Sexualities. 23(1-2): 28-43. (full article)
  • Adams, N., Vincent, B. (2019) Suicidal thoughts and behaviors among transgender adults in relation to education, ethnicity, and income: a systematic review. Transgender Health. 4(1): 226-246. (full article)
  • Vincent, B. (2019). Breaking down barriers and binaries in trans healthcare: the validation of non-binary people. International Journal of Transgenderism. 20(2-3): 132-137. (full article)
  • Vincent, B. W. (2018). Studying Trans: Guidelines for Ethical Recruitment and Collaboration with Transgender Participants in Academic Research.Psychology & Sexuality 9(2): 102-116. (full article)
  • Lewis, E-B., Vincent, B., Brett, A., Gibson, S., and Walsh, R. J. (2017). I am your Trans Patient: What Your Patient is Thinking.bmj, 357:j2963. (full article)

Book Chapters

  • Barker, M. J., Vincent, B., Twist, J. (2018). Non-Binary Identity. In Burns, C. (Ed.), Trans Britain: Our Journey from the Shadows. London: Unbound: 292-303. (Amazon) (Hive) (Waterstones)
  • Vincent, B., Manzano, A. (2017). History and Cultural Diversity. In Richards, C., Bouman, W. & Barker, M. J. (Eds.), Genderqueer and Non-Binary Genders. London: Palgrave MacMillan: 11-30. (full chapter) (Amazon) (publisher)

Book Reviews

  • Vincent, B. (2019) Book Review: Understanding Trans Health: Discourse, Power and Possibility by Ruth Pearce. Sociology of Health and Illness. (full article)
  • Vincent, B. (2017). Book Review: Risk Power and Inequality in the 21st Century by Dean Curran. LSE Review of Books. (full article)

Media Articles

  • Underwood, S. W., Vincent, B. (2016). Why We Should Stand Up For Trans Rights and Recognition at the University of Toronto. The Torontoist. (full article)

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